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Saturday, August 13


8/13/2005 05:16:00 PM

Monday, July 25
i'll start from saturday! hehe. vee's surprise party! it was so fun. haha. all the pics of her party are on my picture gallery it was at our friend's condo.. and we just had fun in the beautifully decorated function room. shit, the choc cake baked by kail's aunt was dang it good!! shit i'm like craving fer it now.! argh. then after that at night we wenta acid bar with vee, kerry and jopee! just had a few drinks for awhile then wenta heeren justa use the toilet =.= well it was too bad the shops were all closed ?! heh. but oh well it was a fun day i guess. heh.
then sunday had training in the morning. it was quite hard to get up for me. heh. bowled with sam, denise and matthais.. training passed quite slowly but yet me and matt bowled alot. like woah! i was shocked we bowled 11 games. haha.

grr. founders day was fun i GUESS. sitting in the kitched pigging out from 7-11.30. wth. eating curry puffs, spring rolls, sandwiches, fruits, and ice-cream.. stealing green tea from mrs tan's fridge. dang it! I ATE CONTINOUSLY FOR almost 4 HOURS!! but their food was good!! not to forget the yummy ECLAIRS!! =DD then aft tt wenta ps ta watch wet dreams2 with vee. shitt. that korean guy was sooo cuuuttee!! ~ =p ohoh, and we played that game in the arcade where we're suppose to pick up the stuff toy..and vee got 2 at once! haha thanks babe for the lil donald duck thing that i ended up caring around lika kidd. =.= aightt thats bout all. i'm gonna try study noww.

7/25/2005 09:27:00 PM

Monday, July 18
i can't really remember what happened longer ago other than me failing and fucking c div up? heh. but you know to be honest i'm boderlinely satisfied with my play. i don't know why. anyway, friday was drama nightt.. the plays were okay..the first 3 were dead boring. grr. but the syf one was good! haha so funny. hehe. then after that we wenta kap for supper and then to vee's house to stay over..haha..the next day we wenta ghim moh market for breakfast cum lunch or branch. dang! the food thurr is soo good x) i'm sure gonna go back ta eat their toseh next time!haha. after that went home and cheryl came over for awhile..just to chat and pick up her bowling bag.. then went out with my mum to parkway parade (as usual)..

the next day was a disaster.. i woke up at like..2 or 3am plus with a fever! i was like shivering under my blanket..and in the morn at about 8 plus my temp was like..38.4.. and i thought it was bad enough already.. only to find that my temp was 39.4 later at night. it was soo miserable and sickly i just hope i'll fully recover soon =( well, i'm gonna take a rest now..

7/18/2005 04:25:00 PM

Tuesday, July 5
home. econs today was shoo funn and funnayye. ahaha. well jess was practically crazy today.! well we cooked fried-stuffed tofu.. and shitt it was so delicious! x) the tofu i cooked tasted nicer than the ones my maid cooks. okay fine, maybe cause the ones we used just now were fresher.. hehh. but the thai chilli sauce was even yummierr. =D so much for food..

i dropped my i-pod in sch today..and dang! it's soo screwed now =(

i din train today.. wanted ta come back home and study.. which i really am. haha. i'm gonna have ta read the whole xiao wang zi book by tmr .. and do 3 chapters of lit!! dang. k i better go do it now so i can go out later at night! if my mum comes back early that is....

7/05/2005 03:49:00 PM

a d d i c t i o n s

sports; bowling; sailing; netball^wing-defender^;
the beach,sea&&sun; driving boats; squash;
contact ice-hockey; winter sports;
eating! sushi-tei; soft-shell crab sushi(:
ice-cream; brownie sensation frm dq;
adidas; anna sui; gucci; playboy;

dumped into the wishing well

blue dkny handbag
credit card
N7270; Panasonic flip-hp
13p.toy-story spare ball:)
14pound time/strike zone
jet-speed boat!

crap board